Introducing the Autogard® F400 Series Torque Limiter by Regal Rexnord – the ultimate solution for overload protection in the quarry industry. With over 80 years of industry-leading expertise, Autogard® products have consistently delivered high-quality performance, design innovation, and reliable production. Manufactured to meet ISO 9001 standards using the latest machine tools and premium materials, the Autogard® F400 Series is the pinnacle of torque limiters.

Specifically designed to meet the demands of the quarry industry, the Autogard® F400 Series Torque Limiter offers exceptional benefits in crushers and various other applications. Its robust design and precise torque limitation prevent costly downtime and safeguard equipment from potential damages caused by overloads.

The F400 Series incorporates a reverse-to-reset function, utilising two sets of balls on concentric pitch circles, resulting in longer product life and durability. Positioned as close as possible to the component being protected, the torque limiter acts as a mechanical “fuse,” protecting the weakest member of the drivetrain.

In the quarry industry, where heavy machinery such as crushers are utilised, the Autogard® F400 Series Torque Limiter plays a vital role. When an overload condition occurs, this torque limiter instantly disconnects the inertias between the driving and driven sides, effectively disengaging the system. This instantaneous disengagement prevents damage to the equipment from the high inertial forces generated during overloads. Furthermore, the torque limiter operates flawlessly at both high and low speeds, making it suitable for various applications.

Resetting the torque limiter is simple and efficient. It can be accomplished by reversing the driving side or advancing the driven side, ensuring smooth operation in both directions. It is recommended to perform the resetting process at low speed to ensure proper functionality and prevent potential damage.

The Autogard® F400 Series Torque Limiter extends its versatile applications beyond the quarry industry. It proves to be a reliable choice for conveyors, ensuring smooth operation and protecting against overloads.

In shredders, the torque limiter offers vital protection by preventing damage from sudden overloads, preserving the integrity of the machinery. Reel stands benefit from the F400 Series’ precise torque limitation, preventing equipment strain and reducing maintenance costs.

Moreover, billet transfer drives and extruders rely on the torque limiter’s accurate disengagement, enhancing operational efficiency and equipment longevity. Regardless of the application, the Autogard® F400 Series Torque Limiter is a trusted solution for overload protection in a wide range of industries.

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Solution Highlights

  • Reliable overload protection prevents costly downtime.
  • Accurate torque limitation safeguards equipment from damage.
  • Versatile for high and low-speed applications.
  • Bi-directional protection for enhanced flexibility.
  • Easy re-engagement options ensure quick and efficient reset, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.