In industries like quarrying and earth moving, rust and corrosion present significant challenges. Thankfully, with innovations from CRC, such as Penetr8 and Gel TAC, these challenges can be effectively tackled. Both these solutions bring a myriad of benefits, becoming invaluable tools against rust and for lubrication in heavy-duty environments. A testament to their effectiveness is the endorsement from industry experts like Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment at Motion, who has witnessed firsthand the impact of these solutions in the field.

“For those acquainted with heavy machinery, the challenges of rusted and corroded fasteners are all too familiar,” says Steve.

Steve continues, “To alleviate this issue, CRC Penetr8 was introduced. Its powerful formula is designed to penetrate deep into seized or frozen fasteners, liberating them quickly. The unique 360-degree nozzle is an added advantage, promising comprehensive coverage.”

David Bailey, CRC Industries’ National Field Sales Manager, poses an essential question, “Why spend 30 minutes with other rust removers when Penetr8 accomplishes the task in just two minutes?” This claim is backed by Penetr8’s capillary penetration of 10.5 centimetres within 60 seconds, setting a benchmark in its domain.

Steve weighs in on the discussion with, “While Penetr8 might be on the pricier side compared to conventional alternative lubricants available, the benefits far outweigh the cost because when it helps avoid delays in operations, who could put a price on that?” he says.

Heavy-duty machinery demands a robust lubricant, and CRC Gel TAC is the answer.

“Formulated with elite synthetic oils, enriched with anti-wear additives and friction modifiers, Gel TAC goes beyond mere lubrication. It forms a durable, water-resistant gel, guaranteeing that machinery components remain well-lubricated even in challenging conditions,” discusses Steve.

“Its adaptability is a standout feature, and whether it’s chain drives, open gears, conveyors, or specialised mining machinery, Gel TAC offers superior lubrication,” says Steve.

“Beyond mitigating wear and friction, this solution plays an instrumental role in reducing noise and vibrations. Impressively, it stands its ground in extreme temperatures, functioning efficiently from a freezing -35°C to a blistering +300°C,” he highlights.

Steve offers insights into the strong relationship between Motion and the mining and quarrying sectors.

He states, “Motion has a very long association with the mining and quarrying industry through the sale of bearing and power transmission products.”

“Motion has not only emerged as a dependable supplier of quality lubricants, lube transfer, and automated lube systems but has solidified its position due to the trust and credibility it has built over the years,” he conveys.

This lasting bond is a testament to Motion’s unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability.

In industries where machinery downtime equates to significant financial implications, the unparalleled benefits of CRC Penetr8 and CRC Gel TAC are undeniable. They promise enhanced machinery lifespan, reduce the need for frequent maintenance, and boost operational efficiency.

This commitment to delivering only the best in CRC solutions is why Motion stands out as a leading supplier of these innovative solutions. By offering products that consistently deliver, Motion emphasises its dedication to quality and operational excellence, ensuring industries run smoothly and efficiently.

CRC Solution Highlights:

  • Effective Penetration: Quickly reaches deep-seated issues.
  • Precision Application: Innovative nozzle designs for targeted usage.
  • Efficiency Boost: Reduces downtime and increases operational speed.
  • Superior Lubrication: Advanced formulas for lasting protection.
  • Adaptable Use: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Resilience: Formulas designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Enhanced Performance: Improves machinery lifespan and reduces noise.