“Our passion lies in servicing the quarry industry comprehensively,” says Brad Hudson, the Business Development Manager for Quarrying. With these fervent words, he encapsulates the very essence of Motion’s mission – to advance the quarry industry through innovation, high-quality products, and insightful solutions.

From electric motors to gearboxes, brakes, bearings, hydraulic hose and fittings, v-belts, and pulleys, Motion leaves no stone unturned in providing the essential building blocks for quarry operations.

In the quarry sector, Brad explains that Motion not only provides the product, but they provide leading expertise.

“Whether customers are having challenges with conveyor systems, crushers, or screening equipment, our team of experts can help minimise downtime on-site.”

As a key product supplied by Motion, Brad brings particular attention to their range of unitised bearings.

 “When moving rocks up a conveyor belt, many often roll back down and accumulate at the bottom. This pile-up can bury the bearings located there. That’s where the unitised bearings become essential.”

He praises this product, remarking, “They’re an excellent solution because they are quick and easy to install.” He further explains, “You simply just slide on the shaft and then twist the collar, and they’re installed.”

Contrasting this with traditional methods, Brad says, “Previously, you had to install the bearing, leaving it exposed to the environment. Only then would you put the housing on.” He concludes, “But with this, it’s a one‑piece design that slides on, and it’s already fully sealed.”

On the topic of safety, Brad mentions another effective product which Motion supplies.

“Traditionally, removing the mantle nut from a crusher requires the strength of two individuals wielding large spanners.”

“However, with Motion’s hydraulic nut products, a protective cover is placed over the nut, and by simply pumping it up to stretch the thread, the nut easily comes off. This efficient and safe solution eliminates the need for a two-person operation, making it a valuable product for enhancing safety in crusher maintenance.”

Highlighting their commitment to sustainability, Brad explains how Motion is actively promoting eco-friendly practices.

“For sustainability, we provide high‑efficiency motors, which significantly reduce environmental impact,” he shares.

“Additionally, Motion addresses the issue of outdated worm-type gearboxes, known for their lower efficiency of 60-70%,” highlights Brad.

By advocating for the adoption of bevel helical gearboxes, boasting an impressive efficiency rate of around 98%, Motion aims to address the industry’s approach to energy consumption and environmental responsibility.

Discussing technology advancements, Brad mentions the latest in online monitoring solutions for quarry operations.

“Some of the new innovations in the quarry industry are online monitoring, where the customer can get a real snapshot of what’s happening with their bearing – especially crusher bearings. Crushers are the heart and soul of any quarry.”

He goes on to emphasise the advancement of 24/7 online monitoring, providing constant vigilance over equipment performance. With real-time alerts and the ability to receive notifications via mobile phones, the system is seamlessly integrated, ensuring prompt action if any anomalies arise. This state-of-the-art monitoring instils a sense of reassurance, offering peace of mind in detecting any changes that may occur in the quarry machinery.

While the quarry industry is only beginning to embrace online monitoring technology, Brad emphasises, “Its growing affordability is boosting its uptake and as more quarries realise the immense advantages of real-time data monitoring, I believe this trend will only accelerate, changing the industry’s methods for equipment maintenance and reliability.”

Brad’s insights spotlight Motion’s unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, sustainability, and technological progress, establishing the company as a leader in the quarry industry. Through Motion’s dedication to enhancing quarry operations and unlocking the sector’s capabilities, the future promises to provide significant benefits for everyone involved.