As industries increasingly demand smarter and more robust technology, Titan Lifting emerges as a reliable source of ingenuity and excellence. Titan Lifting as the Australian agent of PROBST, now emerge with advanced solutions, including the PROBST Concrete Step Handles TSZ, EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle, VACUUM-HANDY VH-1/25, and Round Grab RG, they’re not merely keeping up with industry requirements; they’re at the forefront of driving progress. Why carry out lifting applications in antiquated methods when these available products will do it efficiently and safely?

For handling steps, kerb stones, and more, the PROBST Concrete Step Handles TSZ is an indispensable tool. Its adjustable opening width, facilitated by a spring-loaded bolt, which makes it extremely versatile. With a generous inside height of 185mm, even conical kerb stones are securely gripped. The crane hook attachment and automatic release mechanism enhance its convenience, featuring a lifting eye. The durable surface protection showcases Titan Lifting’s commitment to quality, complemented by replaceable profiled rubber seals.

The EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle is a mechanical grab designed for parallel, plane, and non-conical concrete elements like border stones, slabs, block steps, and kerb stones. Its compact and lightweight design allows one-person operation, significantly enhancing efficiency. Additionally, it can be operated manually by two people, providing flexibility for various scenarios. The EXG-MAXI version offers a larger gripping range and height-adjustable support as standard, catering to diverse construction needs.

The VACUUM-HANDY VH-1/25 is a one-person operation solution for lightweight slabs over short distances. It utilises vacuum suction force, simplifying the installation process. This device ensures accurate and quick installation without gaps between slabs, promoting an ergonomically sound working position. It can even pick up previously laid slabs, offering versatility and cost-efficiency. As with all PROBST products Titan Lifting ensures solutions that boasts a durable finish, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The Round Grab RG stands out with its ultra-slim design, allowing it to be used in slender trenches. Its exchangeable gripping elements prevent damage to concrete pipes, ensuring longevity. What truly sets it apart is the adjustable opening width, thanks to spring-loaded bolts, making it adaptable to various tasks. The crane eye for attaching to a crane hook simplifies handling, and the automatic release mechanism eliminates the need for additional operating personnel. Titan Lifting’s commitment to durability is evident with the solution’s galvanised surface protection, ensuring the Round Grab RG withstanding the test of time.

In the competitive landscape of civil construction and earthworks, Titan Lifting shines as the preferred supplier for these top-quality solutions and reliable partenrship brands like PROBST. Their commitment to quality, durability, and user-friendliness is unwavering.


Breakout Box: Why Titan Lifting?

Unique and Industry Agency Brands: Titan differentiates itself from its lifting competitors with product agency brands like PROBST which compliment Titans range and goes further to meet specific industry needs such as these for the Civil Construction-Earthworks sector.

Exceptional Expertise: Titan Lifting has a wealth of experience in providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of the civil construction and earthworks industries. Their in-depth knowledge ensures that their products deliver exceptional results.

Reliable Performance: Titan Lifting ensures its solutions are built to last. The galvanized finish and robust construction of the PROBST range guarantees that their tools will endure the rigors of the construction site, providing long-term value.

Efficiency and Safety: These solutions are engineered to enhance efficiency and safety on construction sites. Whether it’s a one-person operation or adaptability to various tasks, Titan Lifting solutions prioritise the wellbeing of workers.


Through PROBST, Titan Lifting offers solutions that transform civil construction and earthworks, with Motion serving as the bridge connecting these innovations to projects. Their expertise, commitment to quality, reliability, safety focus, and seamless integration of technology makes them the ultimate partner for those seeking to maximise the benefits of Titan Lifting and PROBST solutions. With Motion by the customer’s side, precision, efficiency, and success are not just aspirations – they are within reach. Choosing Motion as the trusted supplier elevates construction projects to new heights.